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Jehrod Noviza

Jehrod Noviza's picture

He is a graphic designer, motion designer and video editor. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) and a Bachelor of Creative Industries (double degree). Jehrod has closely worked with The Elder Clowns and the National Trust Association to provide creative solutions in 2019. His work has been featured on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and in e-Sports team’s websites.

He currently works for an International organisation at Agenda Pacific as a Creative Designer. He works on the promotional visuals and is in close creative management of the Communicating the Arts Masterclasses. His high school passion for design has matured throughout his teenage years. Now a young adult, he has a deep understanding of design theory and considerable experience in working professionally. Jehrod currently lives and works in Sydney and his ultimate goal is travel around the word sharing his works internationally.

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