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Ishi Mahadurage

Ishi Mahadurage's picture

Ishi is soon to be completing her studies in Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Information Communication Technology.

She recently commenced working with Agenda. Ishi will be working as the project coordinator for the 30 under 30 program assisting Marianne.

Ishi has always been very passionate about art, whether it is related to Music, Dancing, Acting, Presentation, Announcing, and many other more. She was able to receive many achievements through Arts during her School and University years. Ishi has achieved awards at the international and national level for many categories.

Her career life began as an intern/receptionist in the Sri Lankan consulate in Sydney, where she learned basic administrative skills along with public relations, customer service, data entry, and computer works. She excels her skills in computer applications: such as Access, excel, word, one note, PowerPoint, Outlook, and many other more. She later went on to work with many other companies while gaining a lot of experience in teaching, communication services, marketing, leadership, OOSH Educating, and many other more.

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