Agenda brings a creative and solution-focused approach to cultural communications and development.

Our mission is to raise cultural institutions’ international profiles.

Our strength lies in our network of 18’000 professionals worldwide.


1. Ensuring Accuracy

At Agenda we research topics over a long period of time to ensure accuracy and content relevant to our audiences. Our speakers are highly dedicated experts; with specialised and diverse skills. We select our speakers based on recommendations from the industry and on our call for papers.

2. Encouraging Diversity

Diversity makes events better. At Agenda, we value variety and want to ensure that minorities are part of the conversation. We believe that leaders and innovators from diverse backgrounds both on stage and in the audience will improve our conferences and contribute to a more global change in the industry.

3. Supporting Future Leaders

Agenda supports young professionals from the industry by inviting them to our conferences. This is an opportunity for them to connect, explore big issues, learn from best practices and build their network.

4. Promoting Artistic Creation

The arts are at the core of our industry. By inviting artists to join us on stage, we bring a different voice to the conversation. We support cultural and artistic creation both at the conference and in public space.

5. Going Green

We are actively trying to reduce the footprint of our conferences. Re-used materials, vegetarian options and locally-sourced food are a priority. Our venues and hotels are within walking distance. Together with them we are reducing plastic waste and encouraging participants to bring their KeepCup and water bottle.