Discover our new podcasts channels from Sydney conferences

Our 2 main conferences, Communicating the Arts and Culture Business, hosted in Sydney in November 2019, was the occasion for Agenda to continue the conversation after the conferences thanks to its podcasts.

From Darin Conley-Buchsieb (San Francisco), talking at Communicating the Arts about Diversity, to Guillaume Marechal (Paris) at Culture Business talking about the shock of Notre Dame, all podcasts bring you directly in the energy of those two amazing conferences. Delegates are still keeping in mind best practices and takeaways, it is now evident to recapture the best sessions for the upcoming conferences.

Platforms for Culture Business: Spotify AnchorGoogle PodcastBreaker or RadioPublic

Platforms for Communicating the Arts: Spotify and Anchor (more platforms are coming up soon)

Subscribe to your favorite platform and stay tuned, the next podcasts will be after Communicating the Arts Lausanne.