The International Design & Communication Awards


I am delighted to present the fourth edition of the International Design & Communication Awards (IDCA). I created the awards in 2007 to celebrate excellent design and communication initiatives across the art world.

The IDCA awards assess communications, design and branding strategies within the arts and museum sphere. They also encourage art organisations to find original and inventive ways to communicate.

Over 150 cultural organisations took part in the 2012 and 2013 editions. The jury members were delighted to witness and celebrate such excellent work in the museum field. The IDCA awards provide a new networking forum for communications and design professionals. Open to cultural institutions across the world, the awards bring together the best international talent.

Applications are open to museums and galleries, foundations, biennales, art centres and other visual arts organisations. Freelancers, advertising and design agencies can also enter under the name of the museum or institution they have worked for with their prior consent.

We will present the awards during Agenda‚Äôs 14th Communicating the Museum conference in Sydney, Australia, in November 2014.

For more information please contact Clemence Ferry. Email:

Corinne Estrada
Managing Director of Agenda and founder of IDCA

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Corinne Estrada

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