Communicating the museum: Programme



13 - 16 July 2016


In 2016 Communicating the Museum comes to Berlin at last. Berlin is one of the world’s most dynamic cities – a central hub of the contemporary art, architecture, technology and fashion industries. Berlin is rightly celebrated for its open and independence spirit. But Berlin is rich in heritage too, with its world-leading museums, historic architecture, and complex history. In the twentieth century, Berlin was a meeting point between east and west. Today, it is a city of creative dialogue between the past and the future.

That is why our theme for CTM16 is Dialogue. Our aim in Berlin is to capture the rhythm of the city through a dynamic and action-packed programme of workshops, masterclasses, keynotes and events. We will be asking some of the key questions facing the museum sector today: How can museums foster dialogue between different cultures? How should you initiate conversations with new communities, while continuing to engage your existing audiences? What are the new technologies radically changing relationships between museums and their visitors?

CTM16 takes place in the magnificent Schlüterhof (covered courtyard) of the Deutsche Historische Museum in the vibrant heart of Berlin. There, we will engage directly with the complex topic of internal communication and stimulate a timely rethink of the relationship between the museum and its partners.


The conference programme covers every aspect of museum communications today: from PR and marketing to branding, partnerships, advertising, and the ever-expanding field of digital media. Our panel of local and international speakers includes not only museum professionals, but also high-profile leaders in areas such as technology, business and branding, who can share their wider perspectives and experiences. Together, we will interrogate new approaches to the idea of dialogue, and what it means for museums today.

Fundraising Day: Tuesday 12 July 2016

New for 2016 is a full day dedicated to sponsorship and fundraising scheduled to take place before the start of the conference proper. We have gathered a dynamic line-up of internationally renowned speakers in the fundraising, philanthropy and sponsorship sectors in order to help arts organisations not just to survive today’s financial challenges, but to thrive into the future.

Best Practices Workshop: Wednesday 13 July 2016

In the morning, before the beginning of the main conference, we’re hosting a half-day personal development workshop on best practices. The workshop features renowned experts as well as a consultant from the museum sector.

Communicating the Museum: Wednesday 13 – Thursday 14 July 2016

In the afternoon, the conference kicks off with keynotes, masterclasses, face-to-face meetings and interviews with our panel of local and international experts. We will debate the latest issues facing the world’s museums, arts organisations, and the wider communications industries. As well as museum experts, the programme will also include several high-profile leaders in technology, business, and branding to provide a wider perspective on communications straegies beyond the art world.

Learning Safari: Friday, 15 July 2016

For the last day of the conference we’ve organised a series of workshops across Berlin. These will take place in some of the city’s most exciting museums and other arts organisations. The aim is to initiate dialogues not only among CTM16 delegates but also between the conference and the city of Berlin itself.

Social Programme: 16 July 2016

On Saturday, we are going to discover the exciting art and architecture scene of Berlin, with visits of studios, galleries and independent project spaces. We will meet artists, architects and art collectors. More details coming soon.