Best Practices at Gülhane Parki

Half day professional development workshop
Chaired by Corinne Estrada, Agenda and Hakan Elbir, Istanbul Social Enterprises

Part 1 : KEYNOTE

1. What makes a contemporary museum brand?
Mark Goggin, Executive Director, Sydney Living Museums

2. Deep engagement with Audiences
Jennifer Francis, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Philadelphia Museum of Art

3. Relationships and brand affiliations
Emmanuel Delbouis, Project Manager, French Ministry of Culture and Communication

How does it work for my museum? 

Simultaneous translation (Turkish-English) is available at this event.


Imagine a city that captures and stores time in its crypts and archaic corners, a city that can modernise without erasing its root. As surface inhabitants of Istanbul, we are often unaware of the great treasures of the past laying just beneath our feet. Istanbul is considered the cradle of three major civilizations.
This excursion draws your attention to the civilizations buried beneath Istanbul. While this tour brings to light an unknown visage of the city, it also helps us grasp the depth of its history, from antiquity to present day. The “Underground of Constantinople” tour invites you to the heart of Istanbul.

What you can expect

  1. Aspar Cistern ( One of the 3 outdoor cistern of Istanbul )
  2. Ipek Cistern ( This was built during the reign of Theodosius 378-395 )
  3. Basilica Cistern
  4. The church of Saints Karpos and Papylos
  5. The ruins of the Magnura Palace and nuptial chamber of the Emperor

Departure from Taksim Square, Ataturk Cultural Center (Atatürk Kültür Merkezi (AKM)

Exclusive After Hours Visit at Hagia Sophia

Enjoy a private tour of the most beautiful and iconic architectural monument of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires after opening hours. The church was consecrated in 360 by Emperor Constantine, and the current structure was inaugurated in 537. Hagia Sophia was converted to a mosque in 1453 and then into a museum in 1934. This exclusive tour has been organised with the help of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism on behalf of CTM.

CTM15 Communicating the Museum Hagia Sophia